By V. Moore

TorqStorm’s new superchargers, the TS-91R and TS-94R, have principally been introduced for competition, particularly suited to the two classes within the NMCA and NMRA known as Extreme Street and Renegade

The company admits that the debut of a larger supercharger had been essential for some time.  Until now they’ve been competing with their existing 75mm unit, and, though their own 388ci Camaro generates 900rwhp, they’ve been campaigning at a disadvantage.  

But increasing the size of the new supercharger was not TorqStorm’s only aim: heat reduction was also central.  During compressor wheel studies and testing, they experimented with numerous blade counts and blade shapes and, much to their liking, succeeded in substantially reducing excess heat.  On the dynamometer, the firm’s big-block, equipped with their new 91mm model, recorded 1,612hp while boosting at 12psi—the unit operating notably at 40F degrees cooler than industry standards.

In conclusion, the kits incorporate a robust mounting bracket, 12-rib supercharger drive belt, matching crank pulley, ATI crank damper, and two 52mm blow-off valves.  Pricing: $4,300 and $4,500 respectively for head unit and complete kits with pulleys and so forth $6,000 to $8,000.