Though the firm’s previous Life-time guarantee has been reduced to one year, its new terms still remain accommodating.  According to the company, “Our warranty conditions continue to be the best in the after-market supercharger industry.” 

Similarly, superchargers returned to TorqStorm for servicing or repairs are also protected by this one-year warranty.  With regard to superchargers already in service (pre-2023 units), TorqStorm will honor the original life-time warranty, providing the units were not subjected to negligence or abuse: degraded oil, unauthorized pulleys.

The contributing cause for warranty reforms were prompted by oil changing or more accurately the lack of oil changing. A supercharger’s gear box is a chamber that operates under extreme pressure, and the designated oil must be renewed once a year or every 10,000 miles, whichever event occurs first. 

As cultivating good relationships with its customers has been the firm’s main endeavor, it has often honored warranty terms when essential rules were clearly ignored.

Lastly and to their everlasting credit, this new warranty removes the need to register the purchase of a new TorqStorm supercharger.  It’s an inconvenient fact but the majority of customers fail to complete or submit new-product registration details.  To view the new warranty particulars click this link: https://torqstorm.com/warranty/