Check out this sweet 1970 Dodge Dart build featuring one of our TorqStorm® supercharger kits. Head on over to hotrod.com via the link below to read all about it.

Larry Slater’s small-block ’70 Dodge Dart is a big-block at heart, thanks to a cost-effective dose of centrifugal boost.

Perspective can be elusive in the heat of the moment, but things in life tend to even out over time. In geology, global climate flip-flops between ice ages and warming periods. In sports, years of rebuilding the roster are often bookended by championship trophies. Meanwhile, fans go bipolar. Like many muscle car enthusiasts before him, Larry Slater had to unload his beloved Mopar when the responsibilities of life called for more practical forms of transportation. While begrudgingly selling his ’73 Charger may have seemed like the end of the world at the time, nearly 40 years later, he scored a sweet deal on a ’70 Dart that restored balance in his once disrupted universe. Sometimes what goes around really does come around, and Larry pounced on the opportunity to transform his A-Body into a supercharged street machine…. Read more