Torqstorm Supercharger Pulley Swap Kit


8 Rib Torqstorm Superchargers pulley and belt kit. Choose which finish and whether you would like to purchase the kit without warranty, or choose to send in to retain warranty. YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR SERIAL NUMBER AND NAME ON UNIT TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR PURCHASE. ALSO LEAVE IN NOTES WHAT PULLEY SIZE YOU NEED.

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Torqstorm Superchargers policy is to send in your head unit in to have the pulley changed. Unlike other companies, we allow you to retain your warranty with a pulley change. But, we require that the service is performed by us so we can ensure no damage is caused to the unit while doing so.

If you wish to perform the pulley swap yourself, you may purchase the pulley swap kit. But be aware you will NO LONGER RETAIN YOUR WARRANTY

If you would like to retain your warranty and send your supercharger in to have the pulley swap performed you can choose the additional service drop down from the listing. Typically we can perform the pulley change and have it ready to ship in less than 5 business days.

While making your purchase, you MUST leave in the notes a detailed explanation of your vehicle, supercharger serial number, engine size and the pulley you would like to purchase.

Pulley options are 4″, 3.5″, 3.25″, and 3.1″

The smaller the pulley the faster the supercharger will spin, and the more boost it will make.

Please be advised that too much boost on certain applications may cause damage to your engine. Be sure to do your research ahead of time.

Shipping only to lower 48 states

Additional information

Finish Choice

Natural Billet, Black

Pulley/Warranty option

Pulley kit, Send in unit retain warranty

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