Supercharger Crank Drill and Pin kit


Drill and pin kit for LS and Hemi engines

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On a high horsepower application it is highly recommended to drill and pin your crank shaft. By doing so you can avoid the balancer from spinning on your crankshaft. Which would cause serious damage.

We have designed a dual pin retainer kit. This setup works for Hemi engines as well as all LS engines. For use with factory, and aftermarket balancers.

The process is rather simple, so don’t stress. We include detailed instructions to help you execute the process.

  • The kit will include the drill die with bolt to lock it in place.
  • A high speed tool steel drill pit.
  • 4 steel dowels. Short ones to be used with ATI, and longer ones to be used with our Supercharger hub.
  • Detailed instructions


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