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TorqStorm® Donates! Free Boost!

The TorqStorm® folks are super grateful for all their awesome customers and the sense of community that surrounds their product. It is therefore time to pay it forward! TorqStorm® is awarding one supercharger valued at $2,800 at Holley LS Fest West...

Supercharged Small-Block 1970 Dodge Dart

Check out this sweet 1970 Dodge Dart build featuring one of our TorqStorm® supercharger kits. Head on over to hotrod.com via the link below to read all about it. Larry Slater's small-block '70 Dodge Dart is a big-block at heart, thanks to a cost-effective...

Pace Performance Dyno Tests a TorqStorm®

Pace Performance Dyno Tests a TorqStorm®

Always on the look out for cool new power adding parts, the guys over at Pace Performance wanted to see for themselves just how a TorqStorm® supercharger fared against the establishment. What better way than some head to head dyno testing! Testing...