Spoiler allert! The winner is… you! No matter if you’re a Chevy or a Ford guy, Car Craft found that by bolting on a TorqStorm® supercharger, a substantial increase in power was had in either. That’s to be expected right? So, the real question, then, is how much of a power gain did each engine see and which one benefitted the most? Now we’re talking! Click the “read more” link below to find out.

5.0L Fistfight, part 4 : The Storm Rages On

Okay Car Crafters, stuff just got real. Our 5.0L Fistfight began innocently enough, with a comparison between the stock H.O. 302 Ford and LB9 305 TPI Chevy. Part two brought an array of fuel-injected mods, including TFS aluminum heads, Comp cams, and EFI-specific intakes. We rounded things out in part 3 with the perfect combination of carburetion and nitrous oxide. The use of CNC-ported, 170-cc 11R heads on the Ford allowed it to surge ahead in power production (with no similar heads available for the small-bore 305), but careful tuning in part three allowed the Chevy to make up ground once we added nitrous to the mix. For Chevy fans still complaining about the 11R head swap on the Ford, rest assured the Chevy will exact revenge here in part 4, but you’ll have to wait until the end to find out how. For part four, we decided to introduce boost to the equation by adding a TorqStorm centrifugal supercharger to the mix…. Read more

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