Performance Born from Passion

TorqStorm® was developed by two car guys with a love for power and speed. Together they own Accelerated Tooling LLC, a CNC machine shop in Wyoming, MI with vast machining capabilities.

Accelerated Tooling LLC was approached by a company to help redesign the case of an old supercharger that had gone out of business. Their old supercharger had serious issues with bearings, heat, and belts that broke when going over 6 psi. The case was made from aluminum castings which did not control the location of the bearings well at all – causing premature bearing failure. The re-design had to fix all of these issues plus incorporate a self-contained oiling system, eliminate the belt, look better than the original, and be a direct bolt-on for the original. It also had to integrate all the old parts that the company had: bearings and scrolls etc. We successfully solved all these issues, however, the customer killed the project due to cost. In the end, Accelerated Tooling LLC was forced to absorb these redesign costs – having never received compensation from the customer.

A year later, Accelerated Racing Products LLC was formed, and development continued on what would become the TorqStorm® supercharger. Two years of rigorous testing went into making their supercharger outstanding both in performance as well as appearance. Royal Purple was approached to partner with through the tough issue of finding the perfect oil. They readily agreed, testing the oil and making recommendations throughout the process. Performance Bearing helped in testing and choosing the hybrid bearing used in TorqStorm®. The unique billet impeller is a product of Accelerated Tooling’s years of machining impellers and learning what works and what doesn’t.

This scroll and impeller combo moves enough air to support upwards of 700 hp. Intake temperatures are at 185 to 200 degrees on a hot day. The scroll is like a turbo with a v-band flange, which makes indexing the scroll for different applications much easier and offering a much cleaner appearance.

The initial supercharger redesign used the same bolt pattern in the case as the old supercharger. However, after extensive testing it was discovered this was not a wise choice for two reasons. First, the original brackets were too weak and flexed (that is why TorqStorm® superchargers come with .75 thick brackets to control and eliminate flexing). Second, the supercharger must be mounted “right side up” or it will over heat, due to the self-contained oiling system. The bolt pattern in the case is no longer the same, so there would be no confusion.

What’s in store for the future? Accelerated Racing Products LLC is committed to continued development and improvement. They are hard at work developing TorqStorm® supercharger kits to fit an expanding variety of cars and engine combinations.

Accelerated Racing Products LLC is proud to say that TorqStorm® is made in Wyoming, Michigan USA!