So… what happens when you have a Ford 351W and a TorqStorm Supercharger kit laying around? Curious minds want to know! Well… mix them together and dyno them, of course! Follow along as the guys over at Car Craft aim to find out how much power this simple package makes…

When we venture into the land of performance, we find a great many ways to improve it. In previous adventures with our 351 Windsor crate motor, we tested a number of different bolt-ons, including carburetors, intakes, and even headers. We also dabbled in that amazing, performance-enhancing chemical compound known as nitrous oxide. With both bolt-ons and the bottle behind us, it was time for the last of the three “B”s: boost! Not to knock either of the other two routes (our nitrous story will come out of sequence), but there really is nothing like boost to seriously enhance power production. We just tickled the crate motor with a little boost, and managed to increase the power output by more than 150 hp! Read more