Born From A Passion For Speed

TorqStorm Superchargers® is a rapidly growing, popular supercharger for the average individual looking to make a significant horsepower and torque gain with their vehicle. 

Capable of flowing 1250cfm, Torqstorm Superchargers® are able to support over 700hp individually, and over 1200hp with our Twin Supercharger kits!! 

Self contained oil system, straight cut gears, ceramic ball bearings, 8 blade 76 mm billet impeller, and 3/4″ thick mounting brackets. We are able to provide you one of the most brute, forceful, and efficient superchargers on the market.


Due to high demand, we are experiencing extended lead times. We appreciate your patience. We are doing our best to expedite our build process. As always never sacrificing quality. The wait will be worth it!

Thank you

Torqstorm Team

Building better boost

Building better boost

Optimizing your TorqStorm by Ray T. Bohacz. The road to making your engine more powerful can take...

Engineered Performance Supercharging at its Best

All of us at Accelerated Racing Products™ have a love of cars, from the restored beauty to the all-out race car. Our passion for speed was the driving force behind inventing TorqStorm, a supercharger for all levels of car enthusiast.

Each TorqStorm® supercharger is made in our CNC machine shop housing 7 CNC mills, including a 5-axis, which we use to cut the billet impellers with exact precision. We also have 5 CNC lathes, some with live tooling and a sub-spindle. This technology, combined with our 20+ years of machining experience has allowed us to create one of the most efficient superchargers on the market. We are so confident of this, that your purchase of a TorqStorm® supercharger comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty!