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"Vintage Series" Billet Supercharger Kit for Flathead Fords

Accelerated Racing Products™ is proud to introduce a new TorqStorm® Vintage Series Supercharger Kit for Flathead Ford applications. These new Flathead Ford supercharger kits are the perfect power-adder for the retro hot rodder looking to stand out from the crowd, said the company.

The new kit is designed to mount Vintage Series TorqStorm® superchargers to 1949-1953 Ford Flathead motors.

At the heart of this new kit is the company's new "Vintage Series" billet supercharger. These superchargers are precision machined to the same high quality standards as their standard TorqStorm® billet superchargers and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. They feature ceramic bearings, self-contained oiling system, and billet impeller. However, instead of using a conventional serpentine belt, the Vintage Series is driven by a custom double v-belt arrangement. To put the finishing touches on the vintage theme, each supercharger sports a real brass "Vintage TorqStorm®" tag.

Vintage Series 1