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Introducing TorqStorm® Vintage Series Billet Superchargers

Accelerated Racing Products™ is pleased to announce the addition of a new line of TorqStorm® billet superchargers. Dubbed the Vintage Series. The New Vintage Series combines the latest in centrifugal supercharging technology with a timeless "old-school" look.

These new superchargers are the perfect power-adder for retro hot rodders looking to stand out in the crowd, said the company.

The new Vintage line of TorqStorm® Billet Superchargers is precision machined to the same high quality standards as their standard billet superchargers. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, these superchargers feature ceramic bearings, self-contained oiling system, and billet impeller. However, instead of using a conventional serpentine belt, the Vintage Line is driven by custom double v-belt arrangement. And, to put the finishing touches on the vintage theme, each supercharger sports a real brass "Vintage TorqStorm®" tag.

Vintage Series 1
Vintage Series 2
Vintage Series 2