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Four minutes of pictures: Rules and technique for building a supercharger

So what makes a TorqStorm® Supercharger different from the other guys? That's a great question! And, here's a great tech article detailing the precision that goes into each TorqStorm® supercharger. Click the read more link below to get the whole scoop.

The anatomy of the supercharger or what makes it tick
Superchargers are magical devices. They increase the oxygen supply to the engine by compressing the air, thus increasing its density. Accordingly, the engine burns more air-fuel mixture and produces more power... Read more

supercharger how its made
supercharger compressor wheel and housing
self contained oil supply
percision balanced
tooll steel straight cut gears
compressor wheel blank
gears held in tight tolerances
cover is positively located using two dowel pins
supercharger housing is carefully torqued in a precise sequence
Compressor housing attached using v-band clamp

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