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Chevy LS "Old-car" Conversion Kit

Accelerated Racing Products™ is pleased to announce the release of its new TorqStorm® billet centrifugal supercharger kit intended for Chevrolet LS1 – LS3 converted 1976 and older street and off-road vehicles. This new kit is engineered specifically to be a straightforward, bolt-on solution offering both power and style in one easy to install package.

It's the perfect power adder to set your street rod, classic muscle car or pro-touring classic apart from the crowd. That is the heart of the TorqStorm® Experience.

No rough looking castings here, both the supercharger's housing and cover are precision-machined from billet 6061 aluminum. The charger is available in natural, black or micro-polished finishes.

Boost is factory set at 6-10 psi producing a meaningful horsepower increase without the need for internal engine modifications. However, if the desire for even greater power arises, the TorqStorm® charger is capable of flowing enough air to support over 700 horsepower.

A proprietary ceramic bearing system is utilized to greatly increase the product's durability and service life. All TorqStorm® superchargers feature a self-contained oil supply eliminating the need for additional oil feed lines and come factory filled with top quality synthetic oil. Accelerated Racing Products is so confident of the durability of their product that they offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all their TorqStorm® superchargers.

The kit is specifically designed to be easy to install and get up and running quickly. The supercharger is mounted via a stout .75" CNC-machined aluminum bracket to the passenger side of the motor allowing the retention of all the stock LS accessories. Custom routing of the optional charge plumbing and/or intercoolers is simplified by the use of a unique v-band clamping system. This unique feature allows the compressor to be clocked in any position relative to the housing.

The TorqStorm® LS-Conversion kit retails at a wallet friendly $2,800 and is available for EFI or blow-through carburetor applications.

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