Unleash the Storm! A TorqStorm® of Power.

single supercharger kits

TorqStorm® - Supercharger Kits

Complete supercharger kits ready to bolt on many popular vehicle/engine combinations.

twin supercharger kits

TorqStorm® - Twin Supercharger Kits

For the power hungry, twin supercharger kits satisfy.

VINTAGE supercharger kits

TorqStorm® - Vintage Series Supercharger Kits

Modern power with a period hot rod look.

the torqstorm experience

The TorqStorm® Experience

Come check out some of our customer cars with sweet TorqStorm supercharger installs.


There's a New Supercharger in Town

All of us at Accelerated Racing Products™ have a love of cars, from the restored beauty to the all-out race car. Our passion for speed was the driving force behind inventing TorqStorm, a supercharger for all levels of car enthusiast.

Each TorqStorm® supercharger is made in our CNC machine shop housing 5 CNC mills, including a 5-axis, which we use to cut the billet impellers with exact precision. We also have 4 CNC lathes, some with live tooling and a sub spindle. This technology, combined with our 20+ years of machining experience has allowed us to create one of the most efficient superchargers on the market. We are so confident of this, that your purchase of a TorqStorm® supercharger comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty!


How the strom is put in a TorqStorm Supercharger

How the Storm is put into a TorqStorm® Supercharger

Check out this great tech article detailing how we build our superchargers...


supercharged 1970 dodge dart

Supercharged Small-Block 1970 Dart

Check out this sweet 1970 Dodge Dart build featuring one of our TorqStorm® supercharger kits...