Unleash the Storm! A TorqStorm® of Power.

single charger torqstorm kits

TorqStorm® Kits - Single Charger

Complete kits ready to bolt on many popular vehicle/engine combinations.

twin charger torqstorm kits

TorqStorm® Kits - Twin Chargers

For the power hungry, twin charger kits satisfy.

VINTAGE supercharger kits

TorqStorm® Kits - Vintage Series

Modern power with a period hot rod look.

the torqstorm experience

The TorqStorm® Experience

Come check out some of our customer cars with sweet TorqStorm installs.


There's a New Supercharger in Town

All of us at Accelerated Racing Products™ have a love of cars, from the restored beauty to the all-out race car. Our passion for speed was the driving force behind inventing TorqStorm, a supercharger for all levels of car enthusiast.

Each TorqStorm® supercharger is made in our CNC machine shop housing 5 CNC mills, including a 5-axis, which we use to cut the billet impellers with exact precision. We also have 4 CNC lathes, some with live tooling and a sub spindle. This technology, combined with our 20+ years of machining experience has allowed us to create one of the most exceptional superchargers on the market. We are so confident of this, that your purchase of a TorqStorm® supercharger comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty!


TorqStorm interviewed at the 2015 NSRA Nationals Show

TorqStorm® Interviewed at the 2015 NSRA Show

At the recent 2015 National Street Rod Nationals, Jerry Dixey from The Enthustiast Network stopped by our booth to check out our sweet Chevy LS Twin TorqStorm® Kit....


Street Rodder Sunliner Road Tour build article

2015 Street Rodder Road Tour Build

This year's Road Tour car is packing some real horsepower in the form of a Ford Racing and Performance Products BOSS 427 equipped with twin TorqStorm superchargers.